​​​​​​​"Family Owned and Operated since 1983"

​​​​DeLaMotte Company

Founder:  Ernest J. DeLaMotte

​​Commercial  Furniture Specialists

DELAMOTTE COMPANY                         PHONE: 419-217-0621                         EMAIL: DELAMOTTECO@GMAIL.COM


The DeLaMotte Company was founded in 1983 by Ernest J. DeLaMotte. At the beginning, the DeLaMotte Company was involved in designing and supplying Ohio public schools with custom science laboratories and libraries. Over the years, the DeLaMotte Company had made the transition into becoming a wholesale supplier / corporate vendor for a number of companies and businesses across the United States.  The DeLaMotte Company is a small, family-owned and operated, debt-free company that is able to supply our customers with exceptional customer service, high quality furniture with a budget friendly price.